ROYALTY: Power. Character. Quality.

As I was browsing through Royalty's facebook page, I immediately thought of RAN Online. The japanese looking jerseys, hoodies, crewnecks, and how the collection were delivered visually, they all take me back to my RAN online days (korean/japanese characters highschool dudes/girls fighting IN THEIR DOPE SCHOOL UNIFORMS... just check the game out! It's a pretty dope game.)

Enough about reminiscing RAN.
Royalty is a local streetwear brand founded this year, and it sucks that I only found out about them a week ago when I was looking for local brands that offers baseball jerseys. And I'm so lucky that I found Royalty cause they got what I'm looking for in baseball jersey! 
My personal favorite!

Anyway, I haven't got in touch with any of their products yet, but looking at the pieces online I'm pretty sure that they are made of good quality and taste (come on, don't you just love those prints!). And what really catches my attention are the Japanese characters embedded, they just add up the attitude more. I'm a fan of anything jap, btw :))

So if you're into dope jerseys like what Royalty has to offer or you just want to feel like a japanese highschool guy, I highly suggest you check out Royalty. This brand's gonna be big, and I don't have doubts about that! Specially in menswear!

This will be included in their next collection! I wanna get my hands on that black sweater! They are also having a giveaway for this collection! Check their facebook page for infos! 
Too much dopeness. Sadly, we have to wait for their release.
I also heard they're gonna be releasing their new collection pretty soon! So you better stay tuned!

Be sure to check them out! Just click this link ---> ROYALTY and you can also follow them on Instagram: @royaltycloltd

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