Tie-Dye Is In

One trend that's blooming this season are patterns and prints. From embroidered shorts to bold print shirts, louder pieces are becoming one of key pieces of many well dressed men's style. 

To add more spice to your wardrobe, why don't we go way back to 1960's, loved by hipsters and wanna-be's across the world --- TIE-DYE.

Tie-Dye is making a comeback within the industry, and I'm pretty we are all familiar with tie-dye - some of you might have owned a few pieces or maybe our parents pretty much lived in it. Bold prints can easily make you and your outfit stand out from the crowd for it shows confidence and a fashion forward way of thinking. Same with tie-dye, it is a love or hate thing; it will either suit your style or it won't.

In fashion, there's no point in going out of your usual style and trying something new if it doesn't suit your personal taste, and you can't just go with the trend just because it's the 'next big thing'. Trust me, it's a waste of time, and money.

So, for all of you who feel that some tie-dye pieces would fill your taste and would slot effortlessly into your look, take baby steps before diving in because Tie-dye is a statement pattern and you wouldn't want people raising their eyebrows so better start with a fairly neutral colored tee and build up the patterns and colors where you feel more confident.

I highly suggest avoiding anything other than dip-dye pieces like shorts or shirts, as tie-dye can be overwhelming on more structured and larger items.



If tie-dye is in your taste, consider doing it yourself. It's pretty easy and is dangerously addictive. Below are some methods to make your own tie-dye.

1. Visit your local thrift store - don't waste or spend a lot of money on your base items as the results of this method is a bit unpredictable. Find some pieces that you can experiment on. Or maybe you can even look into your closet for pieces that you don't intend to wear anymore.

2. Use Bleach - bleaching a colored item is the only easiest way to tie-dye rather than dye-ing something plain. Take a plain, block-color tee, shirt or jumper put it in a bowl of bleach and hot water. BUT NOT BEFORE YOU HAVE TIED THEM UP! Hahaha!

3. Tie-Dye - rubber bands, hair ties, or just knot it up in whichever way you want. The bits that you tie will be the section that remain the original color and the rest will bleach. KEEP THAT IN MIND. 

4. Dip-Dye Alternative - for this effect, dip the bit that you want to change color in the bleach and water solution and leave the rest hanging out the bowl. GO WILD AND DIP-DYE AND TIE-DYE THE SAME ITEM! :))

5. Soak and Wash - leave it in the bleach and hot water solution until the color begins to change. Remove it when you like what you see. Rinse it and wash it in the washin machine to remove the bleach. 

You should also take note that the result of this is unpredictable, so you should lower your expectations. 

Tie-dye is no doubt a passing trend. It's a fashion statement. It's by no means for everyone. 

Below are some pieces from different brands.
Welcome to the 1960s! :)

I hope this helps, leave a comment if you're gonna make your own. Lemme see it! 

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