STYLE TIPS: Printed Hoodies for Men

Who here are fans of hoodies? Or who loves to wear hoodies? Well, I am. I think hoodies are a highly versatile clothing item. It can be worn all year round, at any kind of weather. They can also be worn with many other clothing items and accessories, that would make any outfit undeniably stylish yet very casual. 
Hoodies have different kinds of styles, colors and cuts. You can find hoodies that are plain, but there are also printed hoodies and they are highly stylish and trendy, and definitely not BORING.

For this blog post, I will be giving you some ideas and tips on how to wear printed hoodies. Printed hoodies can act as a great statement piece in any of your outfits. Some of these printed hoodies feature patterns such as  check print, stripes, polka dots, leopard print, zebra print, paisley print, floral print, and tiger print. You can also find hoodies that feature graphic prints, such as stars, hearts and images of animals, such as lions.

Printed hoodies, being bold items, can easily be paired with a number of clothings and accessories. If you're going to wear a printed and zipped hoodie, you can wear it unzipped and with a t-shirt underneath. NOTE: If you're hoodie is a printed one, it would be ideal to wear a plain t-shirt so that it does not clash with the hoodie. Also, it should also be in a color that compliments the color of your hoodie. Some example of colors that would perfectly compliment the color of a printed hoodie are neutral colored shirts, such as t-shirts in blacks, grey, white or beige. 

You can also wear a vest or a tank top under your hoodie. If you are wearing a men’s hooded top, then you can also wear a t-shirt under that. Your t-shirt, or vest top, and hoodie can either be worn with jeans or even three-quarter length shorts. You can then combine them with a pair of casual shoes.

Here are some examples of printed hoodies that I found:


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