STYLE ICON: Nolan Ross of Revenge

One of the few additions here in my blog is the "STYLE ICONS" where I will blog about certain celebrities/characters from a series, etc. about their fashion endeavors and what I love about their style. And since I'm a guy, it's pretty natural for me to blog about guys ofc. Haha!

For our first Style Icon feature, he is a character from one of my favorite TV shows right now (REVENGE) love this show to death! Love the characters! -- going back, the character's name is Nolan Ross played by Model/Actor Gabriel Mann! The first time I saw the character of Nolan Ross in Season 1 I immediately knew that he's gonna be one of my favorite characters in the show, and it turns out that he's one of the major leading characters in this show! Haha.

We actually have one thing in common -- Nolan Ross is a computer nerd. Haha! He's a genius software inventor and computer hacker and Emily's (the main lead) trusted ally in her plot for revenge. We all know how nerds dress up in their usual way, but this guy is different! He dress up good and dapper! I salute Gabriel Mann for playing this character so well and with justice! Kudos! Knowing that he is a model, well, it's a plus! 

Here are some photos.

Now tell me, who's not going to fall in love with this guy? Haha! I actually love the idea of the "POPPED COLLAR" thing, it looks so adorable and suits him well! Nolan Ross, is all about preppy, blazers, POPPED COLLAR SHIRTS, button downs, and boat shoes. So if you want to go for his style here's an idea of what you would want to wear.


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