Maybe You Shouldn't Come Back.


After such a long time (1 month to be exact), I finally uploaded a new outfit post! I feel like I neglected my blog for a decade now :( Been busy with school and my internship this past month, and there's more hell days to come! Why do we even need to go to school? Haha just kidding, you guys continue and finish your studies and graduate! There are many better things that you can do after you finish your studies, like, sleeping every moment you want! haha

Anyway, me and Michael, as you all know he's one of my closest blogger friends in the blogosphere here in the Philippines and it's always fun to do a shoot with him, we did a little shoot yesterday and this is just one of the outfits that I came up with. It's quite simple yet edgy in sorta way because I'm wearing boots and added some bracelets to spice up the look. Also used dark and colors to make that rocker look which I super like! 

Whaddya think about the look? :)   

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