Loving You Is Definitely Red.

Trying that hearthrob face. FAIL. LOL

Plaid Shirt (POLO RALPH LAUREN); Red Chinos (SM DEPARTMENT STORE); Boots (FOREVER21); Fedora Hat (ZARA); Bracelets (SM ACCESSORIES)

For some of you who still doesn't know, I'm a big fan of PLAIDS. I have like a plenty of them in my closet. So if any of you are planning to give something to me as a present, I just gave you an idea of what to give. But don't let it be all plaids though! A phone's also fine. Haha! Speaking of which, I have some bad news for you guys, I AM PHONELESS AS OF THE MOMENT. My phone got stolen by some thugs here around the metro! It was so stupid of me, I know. And it was devastating! Knowing that ALL of my important stuff are in that phone especially my contacts :(( God, please save the souls of those thugs. Let this be a lesson not only for me, but for all of you guys to take care of your belongings if you're commuting or riding a bus or what-not! I was so reckless, and it's my fault because I was so confident with my stuff. But seriously, I'M DEVASTATED :(

Anyway, this is one of the outfits that I had during my shoot with Michael Macalos, he also took these photos.

What I love about plaids is that you can wear it as it is, or put a layer under it, or if you're the hipster type, wear a shirt or a tank-top and tie the plaid around your waist! It's the total package, I guess. And another about plaids is that it's very vintage and classic, like the american type of classic. Hahaha. What did I just say? 

Try experimenting with your plaids! 

Ciao! :)

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