LOOKBOOK: Delayed Breathing


Photos by Michael Macalos

Another layer outfit! Have I told you that it's already rainy season here in the Philippines? Well, I just did. It's my favorite time/season of the year! Why, you ask? Because I can put on layers! I love wearing layers as much as I love playing League of Legends. You might have noticed in my past posts that I have so many outfit shots that are layered. I think my style is on that direction, somehow. 

What I love about layering is that you can try on and mix different pieces. And trust me, you'll be surprised by how the pieces you put on go well together! Well, for me, I am always surprised. 

One con about wearing layers though is that you can't really tell what the weather would be like in the next hours of your day. So to be prepared, wear something that you know you're comfortable enough to wear without that extra piece, you know how hot it can get here in the Philippines especially in Manila. Haha. Or just wear thin fabrics if you plan to wear layers for the whole day, at least that's what I always do. 

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