Wear Your Sole On Your Sleeve


If you are a constant reader of my blog you'd probably notice by now that I have this "thing" with oversized shirts/sweaters/jackets/coats or anything top. The answer is, yes. I do have this "thing" with anything oversized (especially tops). I don't know why, but I just feel comfortable and free when I wear a top that is oversized. Considering how thin I am it is something that should I avoid, but I do it anyways. 

One tip that I would suggest if you're gonna wear an oversized sweater tho is that you must, and I say MUST wear a jeans that is not baggy or loose because you wouldn't wanna end up like a thug (thugs are cool tho), let's just say a very unfashionable thug.

PS! My laptop + internet connection is not cooperating with me these past days (SMARTBRO, I hate you), and I'm having a hard time editing videos for my lookbook video, not to mention lookbook video of this one. So they might be uploaded on a delay and for that I apologize :( But it will be uploaded later this week, so stay tuned for it! Thanks! 

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