Pick it all up, and start again.


Yes, I had my haircut. And I admit, it's not the best haircut :( I was just aiming for a fresher look, but they cut it so short! Anyway, the damage has been done. Lol. I just got to work it! 

So in this outfit, I know you can see that my shirt is HUGE, I just felt the need to wear something big because of the scorching hot weather. Not to mention, it is summer here in the Philippines already. Tsk tsk tsk but all in all, I am loving this years summer. I'm currently looking for an internship, like most people like "me" would do. But I guess most are heading to a beach or going out of town, but for me, I just need to work my ass out this summer. Haha! 

By the way, notice the shoes that I'm wearing? Cool, ayt? It's from Savannahs Colecci√≥n! They offer sneakers like this one for a very affordable and cheap price and what's even great is that they are AUTHENTIC. I know some are having a hard time looking for shoes like this, specially if you really love sneakers and love JORDAN or maybe just a fan of basketball. Savannahs Colleccion, have a variety of shoes you can choose from, and they also sell RAY BANS! Like the one I'm wearing. Go to their facebook page now, and order yours! What better way to spend your summer with Raybans on your eyes and Jordans on your toes! I'm pretty sure it rhymed, right?


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