Hola! Missed me? I do. I miss blogspot, and Lookbook... A LOT! Been in hiatus for weeks! Blame the holidays. NO, DONT. LOL.
Anyway, a lot has happened last year/last 2 weeks. Been busy doing a lot of stuff, "work" stuff. You know, I find blogging as a job now.... dun dun dun dun! Yep, I am working on a big project! It's happening this month! Y'all have to wait for it! Haha :P

I need to shut up now..

Wore a scarf for this look. I told myself that this year I'll be splurging on scarves. I dunno why, but I love the idea of having to wear a scarf and imagining that I live in another country, like London or Korea, maybe? Haha. People here in the Philippines don't get to wear scarves because of the undeniable heat! But I'm gonna go against gravity!

One thing about scarves though, most men are afraid of wearing it. They said it gives them a sign of femininity, which is actually true though. But for me it depends on how you wear it, and what outfit you go with it. There are so many ways to wear a scarf. I might post it someday soon, who knows? And wearing a scarf is fun, I tell you. NOT only that you'd get attention, people will also look at you like "What the f!?" trust me, I get that when I wore this to school. Hahaha! Who cares anyway? Someday, they will understand. Yeah, someday.

Gotta go now! Ciao! :)

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