Let me be your last first kiss

These photos were taken at University of the Philippines. It was my first time to go there along with my friend Alejandro Taag, he also took these photos. Check out his tumblr account! He's a good photographer. 

Anyway, UP is so HUGE! And it's also beautiful. There are so many good spots to take outfit shots. Hahaha.

For this post, the main focus is this coat that I bought 3 years ago. Lol. And I only used it now. Haha! I dunno why I bought it in the first place. And I never thought that I would use it for my blog. It's worth buying anyway, it only cost me 150 pesos for this coat. Bought it in a local thrift store.

I loooooooooove coats! Can you tell?

Don't forget to hype it in Lookbook! :) 


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