I'm back!

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt (Thrift); Boots (Forever 21); Denim Pants (Cheap Monday)

What's up! Been a while, a LONG while since I last posted an outfit shot. Sorry for that. I'll make it up to you, and this time, I'll be posting constantly, I hope. Hahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you who voted for me on the SM Youth University Campus Icon contest. Results will be announced on December 6, so let's pray that I win! Haha. 

Btw, aside from my personal style blog, which is this blog, I'm gonna start making VIDEO BLOGS on my Youtube channel soon! You may want to check it out when I start uploading videos! :) I'll give you the full details on my next posts which is probably three days from now. It'll be FUN! :)

So, it's December! And I'm starting to shop for christmas clothes! Especially sweatshirts! I found some good ones already at the mall! Yey! But this one here is not from the mall. Haha. I bought this Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from a local thrift store here, it's just so cute! And not to mention that I'm a fan of Mickey Mouse. Hahaha.

Hype it in Lookbook! :)

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