To me you are a work of art.

First, I apologize for some of the pixelated photos. Lighting problems. And I don't know how to edit these kind of problems in ADOBE. Lol

I love thrift shops. There are so many good stuff to find, though it's very exhilarating because of so many racks. Haha. I got this sweater from our local thrift store here in the Philippines, it's very cheap btw. It only cost me P150.00! I had this sweater for for almost 5 months now, and I only wore it today. Lol, I dunno.. I just thought that it ain't my style, and the reason why I bought it that time is because I want to make it my sleepwear. Hahaha! 

So earlier I help two friends of mine. I styled one of them because they're joining a contest. Yep.... I STYLED one of them. It has always been one of my frustrations, you know, styling people especially models. I do hope that in the future I get styling stints. Lol. 

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