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I have a great news for all you!

Remember in my past posts about SM YOUTH's contest? The one that I joined to be the first University Campus Icon? Well, it just so happen that I'm part of the Top 10! And I might have the chance to win with your help!

So in this second phase, I'm gonna need all your votes, a LOT of votes actually, because it's 50% of the criteria! So, I need a huge number of votes to actually win this one!

If you voted for me during the first phase, you can just directly click this link --> and click VOTE! Don't forget that you can vote for me 3x a day! Everyday!

For those who haven't voted for me yet, now's your chance to give me your love!

Here's how:

Step 1: Like SM MALL OF ASIA'S page -->

Step 2: Like SM YOUTH's page -->

Step 3: Click this link -->

Step 4: Click VOTE! Click it 3x! Remember, you can vote for me 3x a day, everyday! Vote for me everyday! Haha.

That's how easy it is! :)

Now, as I have also said, If I made it to Top 10, I'm gonna give you guys a surprise. And now that I'm part of the top 10, here's my little gift to you guys! READ CAREFULLY! Haha

If I win this competition, I'll be getting 25 thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificates from SM. It's a lot! And I won't be able to use it all by myself! Haha. Now what I'm gonna do is.... I'm gonna give one lucky person the chance to shop with me using those gift certificates! I'd give one lucky person 3 thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificates from what I'm gonna get if I win it. Haha! This would be my way of giving thanks for your support, and since it is Christmas season already, might as well share all the blessings! haha :)

But.... for you to be the lucky person.. you have to:

1. Add me on FACEBOOK -->

2. Follow me on TWITTER -->

3. VOTE for me! (Read steps above!) and then tag me on Facebook or Twitter to prove that you actually voted for me! Haha!

I'm gonna pick one lucky person to shop with me based on the number of their votes (TO ME) by the end of the voting period of the contest! To do this, you have to be my friend on FACEBOOK, and then tag me when you vote for me. Yep, you have to tag me everytime you vote! :)

That is it! VOTE FOR ME! And get the chance to SHOP WITH ME! :)

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