Have you ever made a wishlist? You know, the things or maybe places that you want to have and to go to? Or maybe, something that you would want to do that you have never ever done to your life before. Well if you do, did any of your wish/es on that list came true? Or did you get at least one of them? Well, you may have, but sometimes we just can't... for some reasons. Haha

Well let me introduce you to an app that could be very useful to make your wish/es come true and to keep your mind set on that particular goal that you want to achieve.

This mobile application is called ReMINED.

ReMINED is a visual wishlist reminder for goal-setters where you can store pictures of literally anything!

And not only that this app could be very useful to achieve your goals, it also have this four steps that could really really help maximize your ways in achieving something that you really want.


1. Desire - with ReMINED, you can just enter the name of the object of your desire to save it in your Mine Box, a place where you can find all your existing wants.

2. Visualize - to help strengthen your desire, ReMINED provides you with a chance to add a picture of that object you want. You can add a picture from your camera or grab a photo online.

3. Prioritize - Set your priorities straight by indicating the level of priority for each desired object. You can also set an alarm to alert you of the target acquisition date. This one's EPIC! As a student, and a blogger, and someone who loves clothes so much, there's only little time for me to go shop and buy, but with this I can finally prioritize things! And put into schedule when I'm gonna buy that certain clothe that I want.. or even shoes! Haha

4. Attain - Set the goal! May it be to save a certain amount of money or buy a new car after three years. Yes, you can always set a goal, but sometimes setting a goal for something in the future doesn't seem to be getting it to happen, but with ReMINED it will definitely help you set your desired goals effectively!

Of course, an app wouldn't be complete with its amazing features!

MINE box - ReMINED's visual wish list lets you store and review all your material desires with a single swipe of a finger. ReMINED lite is a free version that only allows you to store up to 5 wants, though the full version allows you to store an infinite number of wants.

Easy addition of wants - just take an actual picture of the object you want or choose a picture from the web or your camera roll. Add/Remove the picture with a press of a finger.

Reminder personalization - set the target date and include a note to remind you when to acquire the object and what you will have to do to get it.

Priority levels - three priority levels (Low, Medium, High) let you acquire the object by level of importance.

App sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

That's it about ReMINED! So all you Goalsetters out there, don't miss out this wonderful app!

You can check it out at the Apple App Store:

or visit the site:

You can also follow them on Twitter:

What are you waiting for? Go and get it! :)

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