Adidas NEO Label | What's in your bag?

Alright, this post's gonna be a loooong one! :) This is my first collaboration with a brand! And this is not just a BRAND, IT'S ADIDAS! ADIDAS NEO LABEL! :)

As you all know or you might have read my previous posts about ADIDAS NEO Label and their FIND MY GOLD SHOES competition for Justin Bieber fans around the world. Aside from that, they are looking for two bloggers to send to Miami and be a reporter for the said competition. And guess what, I might have a chance! 

Adidas NEO, sent us a package containing a bag. And with this bag, we have to show our main essentials for the trip. NOTE: In a creative way possible. And here's what I thought was creative. It's a GIF animation! Hahaha! 

CUTE! Isn't it? 
Now, for my main essentials:

1. Clothes, accessories, etc. You know what it is, you need to look good everytime! Haha

2. Men "beauty" essentials. Hahaha! I don't know, but I'm a pretty vain guy. And yes, I use a hair iron for my hair, every time I go out. It's pretty important for me. Haha.

 3. My phone!

 3. A tape recorder.

 4. My camera! (Should have taken my SLR photo, but I used it for this photo. Haha.)

5. Book! Just in case when I got bored or when I'm not doing anything.

6. Of course, my Adidas Neo notebook and pen! These are important for the trip!

So there it is, those are my main essentials for the Miami trip! But of course, aside from these things, there are also other things that are important to me. But these are what I think that I pretty much be needing for the trip.

Time for my Lookbook!

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