The Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Way back in the times of flares, long hippy-styled hair and platform boots there was a band called The Kinks who sang about a gentleman from London town who explored the boutiques for the ‘latest fads and trends’. They called him a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’ and the song was symbolic of an era where a man’s appearance was becoming more important. The year was 1973 and until this time, in the UK anyway, fashion was very much a female pursuit and the men folk were happy for their wives and girlfriends to take control of what they would wear.

Sure this might still be true for some guys today (the likes of whom probably will not be reading this), but thankfully the last 40 years has seen a slow but steady revolution of mainstream fashion for men. More to the point, more than ever men are not afraid to say they like clothes, they like to go shopping, they want to look and smell good and they do read about what’s en mode. The old-fashioned way of thinking has been replaced with a metropolitan, cosmopolitan, modern man who does not think he’s compromising his masculinity just because he likes clothes.

Guy’s talk doesn’t just revolve around football and women you know. Admit it chaps, you have a good old fashion gossip too. ‘Did you see what he was wearing?’, ‘I like his boots, I wonder where he got them from’…You know what, it’s OK. Just like it’s OK to have a skin care routine, to look after your hands and to adopt your own sense of style. If it’s acceptable for James Bond, then it’s OK for you, right? Look at Daniel Craig in Skyfall. The man can do no wrong. Apart being the essence of ‘cool’, he looks good whether it’s in a pair of skimpy swim shorts or a tuxedo. Men notice these things too. Sure some might be coveting his Aston Martin but men have exactly the same sense of self as women and throughout London as well as the rest of the world there are examples of today’s ‘dedicated followers of fashion’.

Here are a few for your perusal and if you feel like emulating their style… go for it:

David Beckham – Some say that his Spice Girl wife Victoria is the woman behind this handsome man who has never been afraid to push the fashion boundaries. Nonsense, David Beckham dresses for himself and he ALWAYS looks good;

Daniel Craig – the aforementioned Mr Bond always steps out looking his best, especially when he’s on the red carpet promoting his new film;

Jay Z – his sense of style is worlds apart from the previous two guys, but he knows how to don a hoodie and denims;

George Clooney – he rocks the ‘older gent’ look with dapper suits and classic cuts. Getting older doesn’t mean a thing;

Ryan Gosling – the American actor has received a lot of praise for ditching his old print t-shirts and grubby combats in favour of a more styled approach to fashion. If he can do it, so can you;

Robert Pattinson - is about to become much more fashion orientated now he’s the new face for French fashion house Dior;

Justin Bieber – one for the younger guys out there. Bieber has become synonymous with fashion for younger men and his recent two-year deal with the Adidas NEO range proves he’s into it;

Will-I-Am – the Black Eye Peas singer’s fashion sense isn’t to everyone’s taste but he’s not afraid to push the boundaries and really think outside of the box. He oozes eccentricity too;

Johnny Depp – he’s perfected the grunge look without compromising his sex appeal and is considered to be one of the best looking guys on the planet.

So, for those of you who may still be shying away from the fashion frontier, fear not because if it’s good enough for the great and the good of the celebrity world then it’s good enough for the everyday man. Remember that style and grooming is part of life for men who like to dress to impress, whether it’s emulating the London look, coping the alternative styles of your favorite celebrities or being inspired by the latest catwalk trends.

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Hello everyone! I am sure you've all missed me! Well, I have to restrain myself from posting anything for 1 week due to the "Find My Gold Shoes" competition. Haha. It has been such a wonderful experience! Congratulations to the winners! I'm sure you Beliebers had so much fun finding the code and visiting my blog! :) 

And I can't wait for my MIAMI trip for my Adidas NEO experience! :)

Now, we all know that Justin Bieber is part of Adidas NEO Label family.. and guess what, NEO just keeps on getting some of these hottest A-LIST teen stars of this generation. Now, NEO has made none other than Selena Gomez as their new style icon! 

I gotta say, they made a good choice in picking Selena for NEO. Selena as we all know has such great taste in fashion and her style is amazing. She loves music + fashion which makes her so inspirational to the teens around the world, not to mention that she have her own clothing line! And I think she's be a great addition to the NEO family! 

For a greater news, NEO has another contest for all of you! And you could get a chance to meet SELENA GOMEZ!

Here's some info about the contest:

For a chance to win some awesome NEO prizes all you need to do is watch Selena Goes NEO and answer the question below. Get it right and you could win a chance to head to New York City with NEO and Selena for a crazy new type of fashion show!

There are 5 questions, each with 5 chances to play over the next 2 weeks. 

Find out more details on their page! ---> SELENA GOES NEO

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Congrats! You found this week's gold shoes!

Now take the code and enter it at the following Facebook page: (only works on a computer!)

Good luck!

For more information about the adidas NEO Label Find My Gold Shoes contest see:

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Have you ever made a wishlist? You know, the things or maybe places that you want to have and to go to? Or maybe, something that you would want to do that you have never ever done to your life before. Well if you do, did any of your wish/es on that list came true? Or did you get at least one of them? Well, you may have, but sometimes we just can't... for some reasons. Haha

Well let me introduce you to an app that could be very useful to make your wish/es come true and to keep your mind set on that particular goal that you want to achieve.

This mobile application is called ReMINED.

ReMINED is a visual wishlist reminder for goal-setters where you can store pictures of literally anything!

And not only that this app could be very useful to achieve your goals, it also have this four steps that could really really help maximize your ways in achieving something that you really want.


1. Desire - with ReMINED, you can just enter the name of the object of your desire to save it in your Mine Box, a place where you can find all your existing wants.

2. Visualize - to help strengthen your desire, ReMINED provides you with a chance to add a picture of that object you want. You can add a picture from your camera or grab a photo online.

3. Prioritize - Set your priorities straight by indicating the level of priority for each desired object. You can also set an alarm to alert you of the target acquisition date. This one's EPIC! As a student, and a blogger, and someone who loves clothes so much, there's only little time for me to go shop and buy, but with this I can finally prioritize things! And put into schedule when I'm gonna buy that certain clothe that I want.. or even shoes! Haha

4. Attain - Set the goal! May it be to save a certain amount of money or buy a new car after three years. Yes, you can always set a goal, but sometimes setting a goal for something in the future doesn't seem to be getting it to happen, but with ReMINED it will definitely help you set your desired goals effectively!

Of course, an app wouldn't be complete with its amazing features!

MINE box - ReMINED's visual wish list lets you store and review all your material desires with a single swipe of a finger. ReMINED lite is a free version that only allows you to store up to 5 wants, though the full version allows you to store an infinite number of wants.

Easy addition of wants - just take an actual picture of the object you want or choose a picture from the web or your camera roll. Add/Remove the picture with a press of a finger.

Reminder personalization - set the target date and include a note to remind you when to acquire the object and what you will have to do to get it.

Priority levels - three priority levels (Low, Medium, High) let you acquire the object by level of importance.

App sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

That's it about ReMINED! So all you Goalsetters out there, don't miss out this wonderful app!

You can check it out at the Apple App Store:

or visit the site:

You can also follow them on Twitter:

What are you waiting for? Go and get it! :)

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SM Youth's University Campus Icon

I have a great news for all you!

Remember in my past posts about SM YOUTH's contest? The one that I joined to be the first University Campus Icon? Well, it just so happen that I'm part of the Top 10! And I might have the chance to win with your help!

So in this second phase, I'm gonna need all your votes, a LOT of votes actually, because it's 50% of the criteria! So, I need a huge number of votes to actually win this one!

If you voted for me during the first phase, you can just directly click this link --> and click VOTE! Don't forget that you can vote for me 3x a day! Everyday!

For those who haven't voted for me yet, now's your chance to give me your love!

Here's how:

Step 1: Like SM MALL OF ASIA'S page -->

Step 2: Like SM YOUTH's page -->

Step 3: Click this link -->

Step 4: Click VOTE! Click it 3x! Remember, you can vote for me 3x a day, everyday! Vote for me everyday! Haha.

That's how easy it is! :)

Now, as I have also said, If I made it to Top 10, I'm gonna give you guys a surprise. And now that I'm part of the top 10, here's my little gift to you guys! READ CAREFULLY! Haha

If I win this competition, I'll be getting 25 thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificates from SM. It's a lot! And I won't be able to use it all by myself! Haha. Now what I'm gonna do is.... I'm gonna give one lucky person the chance to shop with me using those gift certificates! I'd give one lucky person 3 thousand pesos worth of Gift Certificates from what I'm gonna get if I win it. Haha! This would be my way of giving thanks for your support, and since it is Christmas season already, might as well share all the blessings! haha :)

But.... for you to be the lucky person.. you have to:

1. Add me on FACEBOOK -->

2. Follow me on TWITTER -->

3. VOTE for me! (Read steps above!) and then tag me on Facebook or Twitter to prove that you actually voted for me! Haha!

I'm gonna pick one lucky person to shop with me based on the number of their votes (TO ME) by the end of the voting period of the contest! To do this, you have to be my friend on FACEBOOK, and then tag me when you vote for me. Yep, you have to tag me everytime you vote! :)

That is it! VOTE FOR ME! And get the chance to SHOP WITH ME! :)

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To me you are a work of art.

First, I apologize for some of the pixelated photos. Lighting problems. And I don't know how to edit these kind of problems in ADOBE. Lol

I love thrift shops. There are so many good stuff to find, though it's very exhilarating because of so many racks. Haha. I got this sweater from our local thrift store here in the Philippines, it's very cheap btw. It only cost me P150.00! I had this sweater for for almost 5 months now, and I only wore it today. Lol, I dunno.. I just thought that it ain't my style, and the reason why I bought it that time is because I want to make it my sleepwear. Hahaha! 

So earlier I help two friends of mine. I styled one of them because they're joining a contest. Yep.... I STYLED one of them. It has always been one of my frustrations, you know, styling people especially models. I do hope that in the future I get styling stints. Lol. 

That's it about this post! Don't forget to hype it in Lookbook!

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Adidas NEO Label | What's in your bag?

Alright, this post's gonna be a loooong one! :) This is my first collaboration with a brand! And this is not just a BRAND, IT'S ADIDAS! ADIDAS NEO LABEL! :)

As you all know or you might have read my previous posts about ADIDAS NEO Label and their FIND MY GOLD SHOES competition for Justin Bieber fans around the world. Aside from that, they are looking for two bloggers to send to Miami and be a reporter for the said competition. And guess what, I might have a chance! 

Adidas NEO, sent us a package containing a bag. And with this bag, we have to show our main essentials for the trip. NOTE: In a creative way possible. And here's what I thought was creative. It's a GIF animation! Hahaha! 

CUTE! Isn't it? 
Now, for my main essentials:

1. Clothes, accessories, etc. You know what it is, you need to look good everytime! Haha

2. Men "beauty" essentials. Hahaha! I don't know, but I'm a pretty vain guy. And yes, I use a hair iron for my hair, every time I go out. It's pretty important for me. Haha.

 3. My phone!

 3. A tape recorder.

 4. My camera! (Should have taken my SLR photo, but I used it for this photo. Haha.)

5. Book! Just in case when I got bored or when I'm not doing anything.

6. Of course, my Adidas Neo notebook and pen! These are important for the trip!

So there it is, those are my main essentials for the Miami trip! But of course, aside from these things, there are also other things that are important to me. But these are what I think that I pretty much be needing for the trip.

Time for my Lookbook!

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