Adidas NEO Label

Hello everyone. How y'all doing? ME? I'm fine, it's finally our semestral break here in the Philippines! Not really so much hype about it though. Just kidding! Who hates vacation?? NO ONE! LOL

I just noticed that I've been joining a lot of contests these days. LOL. Well, not actually a LOT because there are only 2. And the second one is this one. 

I received an email from  "We Are Social London" couple of days ago. The email is about The ADIDAS NEO LABEL. I'm not sure if you're familiar with NEO but it's the newest line of footwear and apparel from adidas, now available in store. For a quick introduction to NEO, please take a look at or the official website And guess who their main endorser is, JUSTIN BIEBER, I'm not a fan but having him as their endorser must be something big.

So aside from that, here's a part of the email:

"To mark the announcement, adidas NEO have launched an exclusive 'Find My Gold Shoes' competition to find a pair of Justin Bieber’s limited edition gold NEO sneakers online, and a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to meet him! By solving the clues and finding the 'Gold Shoe' picture somewhere on the web, a code will be available for successful users to enter into the special app on the adidas NEO Facebook page. You can find it here:" 

So yes, I'm sharing this to all of you guys! For Justin Bieber fans around there! Hahaha.

But I'm not joining this part of the contest though. 

They're actually giving a chance to two individuals around the globe to become one of the TWO official NEO reporters for the said competition. And to do that, I have to post this:

Haha! This will be my NEO face when I find out that I'm one of the TWO chosen reporters for the Miami Trip.

I encourage you all to join the  'Find My Gold Shoes' competition! 

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