It's rainy in Manila!

Beanie (Obey), Vintage Jacket, Military Sweaters (H&M), Dunks (Nike)

This week has been such a rough week for manila. It was raining for a week, not just a typical rain, more like a typhoon. And it destroyed so many homes.. sad :( 

Last thursday morning (yes, t'was 8AM) , I went out with my friends [despite the heavy rain, still managed to go out] and watched Bourne Legacy in Resorts World Manila. The stuff that I wore are just random clothes that I picked out of my closet because I wasn't in the mood to choose. Please, forgive me if this outfit is not good enough. LOL. 

Don't forget to hype it in Lookbook! Ciao! :)

Pictures were taken by my friend Dan Lizardo.

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