Hello everyone! It has been raining all day here in Manila, according to the news there's a storm coming (or it's here already, not quite sure. Lol.) Anyway, some schools suspended their classes early in the morning while some suspend theirs on the afternoon. Good thing, I don't have classes every tuesday, I won't have to experience the hassle of going to school and going home while this tragic rain pours down.

So, I LITERALLY did nothing today but to lay in bed, and sleep. Hahaha! It feels so good doing nothing with this kind of weather. Hello Mr. Lay-Z!

Aside from sleeping, I downloaded some pretty good music -- indie music, so to speak. I love indie music as much as I love clothes and shoes. Haha! And I found some pretty good ones, and good artists!

Number 1 is, Kyte. An electronic indie pop group from England. I downloaded their latest album "Love To Be Lost", well, aside from loving the album title (Mr. Hopeless Romantic over here!), the album cover also caught my attention. It's very vintage. Haha! As I listen through the album's tracks, I slowly began to love them, mainly because of their "Post-Rock" style or genre. And I find it very accommodating in this kind of weather. Haha! You might want to check them out :)

Second on my downloaded indie music is, Franz Ferdinand. I heard about this band before, and I think their in mainstream now (not sure..). This band is from Glasgow, and I searched about this band and they already garnered some awards cause of their music. They've also been nominated for several Grammy Awards, becoming one of the few Scottish bands or artists to do so. So  I decided to download their latest album "Tonight", which was released last 2009 (talk about latest.. haha!), the album's concept is loosely based around a night of partying and the morning effects after (very me). Their music genre is purely rock. I might also download their two previous albums (see how I like an artist/s that fast?? LOL) Again, check them out! :)

I'm pretty sure ya'all have heard about this movie ("Project X"). I watched this movie 2 months ago, and dayummm, it's a one hell of a party! The movie's about 3 guy friends, who wants to be famous in their school and to be one, decided to throw a party. Unfortunately the party went out of control. Haha! (Spoilerrrs!) Just watch the movie, if you haven't yet! Anyway, what I love about this movie is that they used some pretty good tracks! Mostly "party" songs. The songs that were used in this movie gives justice to the concept of the movie itself. And I remember while watching this movie, when a good track's been played I kept on asking my friends "What's the title of this song?". Hahaha! Sucks for me, I only downloaded the whole soundtrack now.

That's it! These artists/songs has kept me company all day today. And they all did an amazing job! Haha! I suggest you guys to check them out! :) Ciao! 

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