Can we all just go "PREPPY"?

Before anything else, I'd like to apologize to you guys (for anyone who's reading my blog and checking it out daily) for not being able to post something new last week. I don't know, but last week was such a bum week for me. 

So anyway, one of my frustrations in life is to be able to at least achieve the "Preppy" style/look. I really haven't tried wearing preppy clothes or necessities, but I have some polos and sweaters in my wardrobe, I just haven't tried going preppy... YET. And I don't even know if I can pull it off, I'm afraid that style won't be suitable for me. But hell, that kind of style is my favorite in men's fashion and I'm dying to go preppy. Well, preps are notoriously properly mannered, and I'm not. hahaha! So maybe, it's just not for me, but who knows? In the future, I'll try to go preppy.

Prep fashion is all about sweaters, Polo shirts, Ties, chinos, jeans, Activity Coats and some classic preppy shoe types. As I've said, preps are notoriously properly mannered, from top to bottom, including the hair of course. Hair are nicely trimmed and shaved regularly. It's a very clean look and I think (if possible), us guys, would look beautifully if we can all go preppy. LOL.

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