Another day

Wooot! It's been five days since my last post and I feel like I just failed in an exam or something. LOL. No really, what's hard about blogging is that, you have to update it (if not everyday, at least twice or thrice a week). At least for me that's how blogging works, it's a responsibility. So, sorry if I wasn't able to post anything. Hahaha.

Anyway, yesterday, July 7, 2012 was an amazing for me. Finally watched "The Amazing Spiderman" with my friends, and of course, the usual --- I had fun with them. The movie was good, amazing! But I'll be blogging about it in another post (cause I'm waiting for my friend to upload the pics) Haha!

Aside from having to watch how AMAZING Spiderman was, I finally have a new look in lookbook! Yey!

Striped Shirt (Bossini); Polo[inside] (Oxygen); Brown Boots (W. Brown)

About this look, and you might be wondering why I'm wearing this outfit, considering the hotness and the weather yesterday was. It was raining when I went off our house to go to Intramuros, then, the moment I got out of the cab, the rain stopped. Hahaha! So much for a planned outfit! LOL. I thought it was gonna rain all day yesterday, that's why I decided to wear something like this. But, rain or not, I still made it through. The blazing sun and all, ha! Beat that! LOL.

If you’re gonna wear something, WEAR IT WITH PRIDE & CONFIDENCE, WORK IT! ROCK IT! This was my motto yesterday, and my friends kept on laughing about it. Hahahaha! I just hope I did! LOL.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! :) Oh, and please hype my new look on Lookbook!


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