Vini Uehara and The Youth Parade

Imagine All The Kings Losing Their Magic Rings by The Youth Parade

I was scanning through Lookbook, and found this guy named Vini Uehara. A fashion designer from Brazil. Aside from admiring his looks (why can't I be as good looking as him?? why?!) and his style, I also admire his creativity, especially in that video above. He wrote that song, and the first time I listened to it --- bam! I'm hooked and raped the replay button. LOL
Vini Uehara (I know, I know. He's good looking. LOL)
I don't own the photo, I just grabbed it from his site.
His band is called "The Youth Parade", I also loved the name (so hipster). It's and indie band from Brazil, of course. LOL. They have a self-titled album released already and consists of four songs, and I AM TELLING YOU, they're all worth listening and buying for!
Here are the tracks:
1. Follow
2. Imagine All The Kings Losing Their Magic Rings
3. Don't Panic
4. Back and Forth
I love all the songs, but I have to say my favorite is track #2.

Anyway, enough of this fanboy-ing. I love this band already, I just thought I'd share them with you guys.

Ciao! :)

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