JMSN II (Yes, I'm a fan)

Hello everyone!

This post is related to my older post (LINK). Yes, this post is about JMSN (I'm a fan). Remember how I told you how awesome his album "Priscilla" is? Well, check his videos, it's way beyond awesome! He actually made a video trilogy of Priscilla using three of the tracks from his album. I watched the three videos, and it's awesooome! I so admire his creativity in the videos. Yes, it has it's dark meanings, but still, it's awesome.

The first two video's are quite disturbing (well, I think all of it are), but in the last video, you'll get all the answers to your lingering questions.

And you know what the good part about this trilogy? JMSN is in the videos, he acts! Hahahaha.

Check it out! Support JMSN and his music :)

JMSN - "Lights" Part: 1 †Priscilla† from JMSN on Vimeo.

JMSN - "Somewhere" Part: II †Priscilla† from JMSN on Vimeo.

JMSN - "Let U Go" Part III †Priscilla† from JMSN on Vimeo.

Credits to JMSN himself for the videos.

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