Habits don't go away; they stay.

They say that bad habits don't go away, even when you stopped doing it, it stays. It still lingers on the very corners of your soul. This must be the reason why I wanted to go back to blogging, yes, I'm bringing my blog back. It's almost 4 years since I stopped blogging and writing about random stuff -- mostly childish and tween-y stuff but hell, I was such a kid back then. LOL

I started blogging way back 2007, a friend of mine encouraged me to create a blog and I don't even know why. Maybe because of my spontaneity[?]. I really don't know. Hahaha.  And so I created one. And I still remember going crazy about what my blog would look like (design, layout, background, etc.) because I wanted it to be as good as the other blogs out there. I even went fanboy-in on this JPOP group and made them the background/header of my blog. I know it's funny, but hey, I was a kid. And still am.

Now, I'm back in the world of blogging. I may have stopped blogging, but I really never stopped reading other blogs out there and not to mention, there are so MANY blogs out there already.

I actually don't know what to write in this post or what to say. Because I'm still going "gaga" on the layout. Hahaha! But mostly, bloggers tend to write about themselves on their first post, so might as well do it.

I'll start by introducing myself...

The name's Neil Patrick Sheen Botardo, 21 years old. STILL a college student. I'm the second to the oldest amongst my siblings. (What else?) Hmmm, I'm one of those regular weird people out there, weird is awesome I believe. I'm into indie music, fashion, and photography. I so love indie music ♥♥♥. So, expect me to post some music here and some fashion stuff. Well, I really am not a fashion forward person, but I think it's in my blood to dress up. I spend my time looking for clothes, whether it's an online shop or in a mall. I blab a lot in person btw, but I can be shy at first meeting. What else is there to say..... I guess that's it!

You'll get to know me on my future posts. For now, this is all.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theneilpatrick
Youtube: http://youtube.com/npatricksheen

So.. yes, welcome back to me! :)

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