Flower Power for Men

Hello everyone! It's almost midnight here (Philippines time), and I'm still up. Been reading a lot of blogs lately, music and fashion blogs. LOL.

Anyway, I went to the mall earlier to look for clothes and I noticed that every shops/botiques that I visited is that they sell Floral tops for men, also for women. Especially at Zara. So I wondered --- "Is it the trend this season?" Lol.. So when I got home, I searched and typed in google Floral fashion, then BAM! It is! Hahahaha.

Floral fashion is a trend this Summer/Spring season (I just don't know if it is here in the Philippines). Floral for men? Hmmmm.. not a bad idea, but I haven't tried wearing a floral clothe, and I might as well give it a try. And I find it really nice. A lot of guys may find it gay or they might think that it lessens their masculinity, it don't.

I think for me it's a plus for guys to attract women (if you're confident enough wearing a floral clothing) and of course don't forget to smile. Haha!

You can either go all out wearing floral, or just a floral top then mix it with a neutral bottom and vice versa. Or if you want you can either wear it with a pair of floral shoes (I found floral shoes from Vans, and they're pretty nice!).

There you go, Floral fashion this season. I'm gonna get me one!

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